The GLOBAL ADVISERS PLC Team consists of the three main partners in the company and additional 28 specialists who work on specific projects assigned by clients of the company.

Main partners:

Silvia Tsanova is a Chairman of the Board of Directors of GLOBAL ADVISERS PLC. She is an Attorney at Law at the Sofia Bar Association. She has experience in the management of public institutions, management of international projects, application of the European legislation and introduction of successful practices in the following fields: management of public units and social policy. As a lawyer she elaborates and manages a project for the establishment of a network of lawyers all over the country in order to provide legal services to public institutions, trade companies and NGOs. Within the last five years she held the position of Deputy Executive Director of the Bulgarian Agency for Social Protection (this is the biggest executive agency in Bulgaria with 300 territorial branches and 5 008 servants), and she has participated in its creation. During the same period she was Senior Program Officer of the PHARE project: BG 2003/004-937.01.04 “Improving the quality of life of people with mental disabilities” and member of the Managing boards of three projects under PHARE program. She has experience as leader and member of 14 working groups for elaboration of projects for amendment of legal acts, as well as preparation of new ones in the field of the social policy. She gained her experience in applying the “acquis communautaire” and introducing European good practices through exchange visits and trainings in 15 member states of the EU.

Todor Todorov is Chief Executive Officer and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of GLOBAL ADVISERS PLC. He has a Master’s degree in Finance and a Master’s degree in Mining Engineering. He has an international “Certified Government Auditing Professional” (CGAP) certificate issued by the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc., USA. He has more than eight years of experience in the field of audit and financial control, gained at the Ministry of Finance, as well as during his employment as a junior auditor with the European Commission’s GD Regional policy, Unit 13 – “Control and audit of the ISPA and the Cohesion fund”. He has over 10 years of experience in the field of control, monitoring and management of EU financed projects and programmes. He has experience in examining and analyzing financial reports and summarizing the financial data provided by the ISPA implementing agencies/Managing Authorities for the Cohesion Fund, in monitoring the implementation of the projects financed through the ISPA/the Cohesion Fund, in expressing opinions on documents related to the ISPA programme, in preparing the annual financial statements and accounts of the National Fund, as well as other reports. He has experience in implementing engagements for the development of management and control systems, for risk management and for the development of methodologies and the preparation of working documents (checklists, questionnaires, etc.) in connection with the implementation of specific activities . He has participated in the conduct of a number of audits of the management and control systems in public sector organizations.

GLOBAL ADVISERS PLC has a wide network of specialists in various fields who can be employed in order to implement short-term or long-term commitments. The company policy is to maintain a main core of expertise in its scope of activities and to provide additional expertise in a case of need to provide services on a project principle, ensuring effective and efficient solutions for their customers.
Our vision
Our vision is to become a professional, sound and correct company providing quality consulting and auditing services to our clients. We can also offer them the most reliable, effective and innovative solutions for their business. Our purpose is to create strong and competent company with ambitions for further expansion on national and global markets in segment on consulting and auditing services.

Our core values
When you have a business relationship with us, you work with people who care about you and your success. That’s because we keep our core values - the never-changing definition of who we are and what we stand for - and our core competencies - the ever-evolving definition of our capabilities - at the heart of everything we do.